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We are the only Archives of Florence Nightingale’s documents in Japan. We also aim to provide opportunities to learn the quintessence of her philosophy for both the nursing specialist and the general public.
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研究所概要   ナイチンゲールの7つの素顔 F.N.看護論からKOMI理論へ
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About Florence Nightingale
The Nightingale-KOMI Care Theory
'Nighitngale's nursing theory is a philosophy of life, which looks into the way to human health.'   *This section is
currently only available in Japanese

Her seven phases
Nightingale as a thinker and writer
Nightingale as the founder of nursing profession
Nightingale as a supervisor
Nightingale as a reformer of healthcare system
Nightingale as a hospital architect
Nightingale as a statistician
Nightingale as social reformer
  Kanai's Original
Modern Innovation:
It is a modern nursing care theory formed on the basis of Nightingale’s nursing philosophy.

Florence Nightingale and KOMI
From Nightingale to KOMI

*The following sections are currently only available in Japanese

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看護覚え書   ナイチンゲールの7つの素顔 ご案内・関連書籍・関連サイト
‘Notes on Nursing’ Related essays Information

*this section is currently only available in Japanese

The real value of the book and its significance today
Reading Notes on Nursing

  *this section is currently only available in Japanese

・Hitoe Kanai
・Yoshihiko Kominami
  *this section is currently only available in Japanese

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